Limits Feature

UI/UX • Budget Controls • Fintech

The Card Limits was a new product offering by First Performance. It will be deployed to their current bank customers through their mobile app. The Card Limits works as a budgeting tool for cardholders in order to manage their credit card spending.

My first step was to discuss the user stories created by the PM and to clarify project goals and timeline.

Since this is a new feature and no existing data are available, my first approach was to research and analyze how current budgeting apps function and work. I downloaded various budgeting apps and I studied the flow of the apps. I then noted their strong features and weak features.

Some of my general observation on the budgeting apps I tried are as follows:

  • They tend to be complex and sometimes require a lot of manual entries.
  • Visual aesthetics tends to make most of the app look complicated. (It‘s possible that I have a bias towards my own design preference)
  • The presentation of the data chart is sometimes bland and not visually interesting.

I proceeded to create the initial low-fidelity wireframes based on the research and testing I did. I create several sketches to flush out ideas and try several approaches before working on the mid-fidelity wireframes.

I presented the initial mid-fidelity screens to our PM to gather his feedback. I noted changes and improvements on a separate document to ensure that all changes are properly documented. The mid-fidelity screens underwent a couple of iterations before I proceeded with the high-fidelity version.

The high-fidelity phase underwent the same process as the mid-fidelity phase. A cycle of feedback and iteration is constant and valuable in creating the best possible approach and design.

The approved designs have the following characteristics:

  • An aesthetically pleasing UI.
  • A simplified approach to creating a budget by using a default monthly budget for each category.
  • A clear presentation of spending history and a visually appealing chart.

While user testing using a prototype would be ideal to gather more feedback from actual users, the project is not deemed a priority. For now, feedback from the PM is considered usable for this project’s stage.