A brief information of my experiences, skills and journey.

  • I worked in the recording industry during the 90’s. I started my professional career as an Assistant Record Engineer. The hours was long and the job is mostly repetitive but I enjoyed every minute of it!

    I thought I would stay for many years in the recording industry but then I discovered a workshop about HTML. And the rest, as everyone would say, is history.

I founded and developed a local job board called I handled not just the design and development but also marketing and business development. This is where my UI/UX journey started. I honed my UI/UX knowledge by constantly engaging myself to update and upgrade up to its current version. I won’t say it’s perfect, but year after year I focused on improving it for my users.

As a result, won the “Best Performing e-Business Website” at the 12th Philippine Web Awards. was also recently acquired by Yolo Technology creator of

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I am currently taking on projects in Web/App/UI Design and WordPress Development.

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Some of the tools and technologies I use to build meaningful websites and UI interfaces includes:

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